Our Experience so far

Our prices – are among the lowest in the market for over 35 years of our existence and there is scarcely a manufacturer like us which supplies such a variety of medicines. At a particular point of time there may be manufacturers selling a particular product at a price lower than ours. But when seen over the basket of products we supply and consistently over time our prices are definitely amongst the lowest.

Our experience of making medicines gives us an insider’s view of what it really costs to make them.

To the best of our knowledge we have not indulged in bribes, corruption, shortcuts and underhand dealings during the last 30 years, and yet managed to continue with this ‘business’ and have built a reputation of honest and good quality medicines, the value of which is incomparable.

As a matter of policy, we supply medicines to only those working with the poor and allow only reasonable margins for sales so that no one profiteers on medicines at the expense of the patient.

LOCOST can make most medicines in tablet/capsules/liquid form given sufficient notice and demand (and if the medicines are out of patent).